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Master Fashion and Function with the Ultimate Designer’s Companion

Get Access To Innovative Pattern Cards, Style Reference Guides, Measurement Charts and Over 300 Unique Croquis for All Body Types, Created by a Top Seamstress for World-Renowned Fashion Houses.

Written by Michelle Elder

In collaboration with Christian Chacon

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Transform Your Fashion Journey with the Ultimate Designer’s Companion

Comprehensive Collection:

  • Over 400 fashion croquis featuring templates for women, men, and plus-size fashion.

  • Inclusive of various body types with three different stances for each figure.

  • Imagined by the best designers in today's industry who blend experience with tried-and-true techniques.

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Are you a fashion design student or an aspiring seamstress or tailor eager to learn from the best in the industry? 

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Unique Features to Elevate Your Designs

  • Pattern Cards: Ensure precise and detailed design planning with specialized pattern cards.

  • Organized Sections: Keep your ideas, notes and measurements organized and easily accessible.


Design & Produce Clothing with Confidence

Practical and Professional Tools

  • Tear-Out Pages: Share your designs effortlessly with manufacturers or clients using convenient tear-out pages.

Measurement Charts & Fashion Silhouette Library: Enhance your design precision with comprehensive measurement charts and a library of fashion silhouettes.

Designer’s Toolkit: Attach fabric swatches, patterns, and trims in the dedicated spaces, making it a true designer’s toolkit.

Who Needs This Book?

For Aspiring Seamstresses and Tailors:
Kickstart your journey with the Ultimate Fashion Sketch & Pattern Card Workbook. Learn from the best in the industry and organize your creative ideas with ease.

For Professional Designers:
Refine your design process with tools used by top industry professionals. Enhance your precision and creativity with our detailed pattern cards and measurement charts.

For Costume Designers:
Whether for film, TV, or theater, our workbook offers the precision and organization you need for creating stunning costumes. With space for notes, measurements, and fabric swatches, bring your vision to life with professional flair.

For Fashion Enthusiasts:
Transform your hobby into a polished and professional endeavor. With over 300 croquis and comprehensive design tools, let your creativity soar.


For Fashion Instructors:
Provide your students with the ultimate resource to structure their learning and refine their skills. Our workbook is the perfect teaching companion.


For Boutique Owners:
Design and produce your own clothing line with confidence. Use our pattern cards and measurement charts to ensure each piece is perfect.


For Pattern Makers:
Focus on the technical aspects of clothing design with our detailed pattern cards and precise measurement tools. Enhance your efficiency and accuracy.


For Fashion Bloggers and Influencers:
Boost your content with well-organized and professional design tools. Show off your creativity and precision with the ultimate designer’s workbook.


For Design Consultants:
Impress your clients with detailed and polished design plans. Use our tear-out pages to share your designs effortlessly.


For Textile Artists:
Incorporate your textile patterns into fashion designs with ease. Our comprehensive workbook helps you bring your fabric creations to life in stunning fashion pieces.

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