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Transform Your Fashion Journey with the Ultimate Designer’s Companion

Are you a fashion design student or an aspiring seamstress or tailor eager to learn from the best in the industry?

Discover the secrets of a celebrity tailor and elevate your design process with the Ultimate Fashion Sketch & Pattern Card Workbook.

Created by Michelle Elder, a seasoned seamstress and costume designer for top fashion houses, film, and TV, in collaboration with Christian Chacon, the creative mind behind the iconic Con Amor designs, this workbook is your gateway to professional success.


Unlock Professional Insights

Written by fashion industry experts, this workbook offers you unique features and practical tools that Michelle Elder used to create her most celebrated designs. Now, you too can have the tools and knowledge that made her the best in the industry.


Unique Features to Elevate Your Designs

  • Pattern Cards: Ensure precise and detailed design planning with specialized pattern cards.
  • Organized Sections: Keep your ideas, notes, and measurements organized and easily accessible.
  • Measurement Charts & Fashion Silhouette Library: Enhance your design precision with comprehensive measurement charts and a library of fashion silhouettes.


Practical and Professional Tools

  • Tear-Out Pages: Share your designs effortlessly with manufacturers or clients using convenient tear-out pages.
  • Designer’s Toolkit: Attach fabric swatches, patterns, and trims in the dedicated spaces, making it a true designer’s toolkit.


Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting your journey, the Ultimate Fashion Sketch & Pattern Card Workbook is your essential companion. Appear polished, professional, and organized as you bring your fashion visions to life.

The Ultimate Fashion Sketch & Pattern Card Workbook

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