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Sewing Summer Camp FAQs

Have more questions about The Kut Studios Sewing Summer Camp? Look below to see answers to our frequently asked questions!

  • What ages are allowed for children attending the summer camp?

Ages 7 - 15 All Genders are welcome

  • Do the kids need to have any sewing experience?

No experience is necessary. Children just need to be excited to learn and bring their imagination to class!

  • How many children are in each track?

There are 10 seats available for each track. This will keep the class size manageable, and every child will be able to have the ability to ask questions and a more personalized instruction.

  • How many instructors will be in each class?

Each day there will be 2 instructors and 1 - 2 interns to help the students each day. Check out our TEAM

  • Is lunch or snacks provided?

Lunch is not provided, but some snacks, water and juice will be. Parents should send students with a sack lunch each day for a 30-minute lunch break.

  • What are tracks?

Each student must decide which track schedule they want to be on. Mondays & Wednesdays 10a - 3p OR Tuesdays & Thursdays 10a - 3p. Students cannot change track schedules once they register as there are only 10 students per track. 

  • What if my family goes on vacation or and emergency comes up and has to miss a week or a day of camp?

We understand that during the summer, families may have emergencies or other reasons why their child may miss a day or two from camp. We have a solution for this. Each student is able to make up UP TO 2 MISSED DAYS. Parents can schedule a MAKE - UP DAY on any friday during the summer. Simply let us know what day your child will miss and when you want to schedule a make-up day.

  • What happens if I'm late picking up my child?

  • We understand that extenuating circumstances may come up and you may be late picking up your child. We offer a 30-minute grace period once camp has concluded at 3pm. You must call 310.403.6327 to let us know you are running late. Any time after the grace period will result in being charged a late pick-up fee of $75 per 30 minutes late.

  • What if my child has allergies or a health condition that needs to be disclosed?

  • All parents or guardians must let us know of any allergies or health conditions that may affect their child BEFORE camp beings. We want all of our students to be safe while in our care. Please ensure that you send any health-related medicines or equipment with instructions if applicable. If a health scare or illness arises during class, a parent or guardian will be called immediately to pick up the child. Emergency services will be called for extreme cases as well.

  • Are your instructors and interns first aid and CPR certified?

  • Yes! All of our instructors and interns are CPR and First Aid certified!

  • Your site says you offer payment plans for summer camp. What are those options?

  • Yes, we do offer options for Buy Now, Pay Later. Once you click the Pay Now button you will have the option to pay in full or apply for AFFIRM or AFTERPAY to pay your fees over time. These options are subject to the terms and conditions of those BUY NOW, PAY LATER options. 

  • What if I want a refund after I have already paid my summer camp fees?

  • Unfortunately. we do not offer Refunds, Exchanges, or Transfers on any of our services. Once fees are paid there are NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES or TRANSFERS for any reason.

  • Are their multi - child discounts?

  • Yes! We offer a 10% discount for parents paying for more than one child for camp! Use Code: SEW10 to receive 10% off 2 or more camp registration fees.

  • I see there is a field trip day. Do the parents need to come to chaperone?

  • We do have one field trip day scheduled for the summer. Students will have their camp t-shirts on and will walk 2 blocks to one fabric store in the fashion district. The students will be able to pick their fabric for their project and pay for it with their budget. This budget comes from their registration fees. Parents are not required to chaperone the field trip but are welcomed to come with us. The store will shut down for the students that day while they purchase their fabrics. 

  • Can we see the lesson plan for the camp?

  • Absolutely! On the main Sewing Summer Camp page you can download our complete summer camp lesson plan that details what the student will learn and do each day!

  • Will pictures and videos be taken of my child during camp?

  • Yes. Unless you specify otherwise, the kids will be photographed and videoed during camp classes and field trips. We will have a link sent to the parent's / guardian's email that they can download photos and videos of the camp activities. These photos and videos will also be used in future advertising for the camp.

  • What is this photoshoot and finale show about?

  • We are so excited about the photoshoot and finale show for the Sewing Summer Camp! Parents will be able to see all of the hard work the students have done all summer long. The students will be able to have a real professional photoshoot with real professional Hair and Makeup team to create their designer lookbook of the fashion collection they made. These photoshoot images will be put into a souvenir book given to each parent at the Finale Fashion show! The finale fashion show will take place one week after the summer camp ends on Saturday, August 17th. The fashion show will be held on an upper floor of our building and will let the students showcase their collections in a real fashion show! Parents, Family and friends get to see their child walk down the runway in the garments they made during the summer! This experience give each student a real taste of what it is to be a full-fledged designer! You don't want to miss this. Videos and pictures will be taken at the fashion show and will be uploaded to the summer camp photo and video link for your convenience!

  • Are we able to visit the studio before the start of camp?

  • Absolutely! On March 16th and 30th 11a - 3pm we will have a Sewing Summer Camp Interest Meeting at the studio for parents and students to ask questions and take a tour of our space! Can't make those dates? Feel free to visit the studio on any Saturday or Sunday 11a - 3p to get meet us in person!

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us anytime!

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